Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Some Periodicals of Johnson Bible Collge

I stopped by Johnson University this morning to ask if they might have any records regarding the 1921 basketball game between the University of Tennessee and then Johnson Bible College. Their holdings of yearbooks don't go back that far.  I was referred to Denny Eaton, Periodicals Clerk at the Glass Memorial Library.  I've worked with Denny before.  She was very helpful in providing resources for early baseball images and text about Johnson Bible College.

We took a quick look through the archives and nothing popped up, but I asked about early newspapers and newsletters associated with the school.  She pulled out an archive box and graciously allowed me to take some quick snaps.

The School of the Evangelists was founded in 1893 by Ashley S. Johnson, so the first two papers, The Christian Watchman and The Querist, predate that.  Here's a link to the history of Johnson University.

The Christian Watchman - December 1, 1880
The Querist - January 1, 1890

From what I can tell, the publications were of an evangelical bent, with a bit of school news tossed in.

Kimberlin Review - September, 1902
Kimberlin Review - masthead (date not noted)
The World-wide Witness - January, 1904
Johnson Bible College News Letter - October, 1912
Johnson Bible College News Letter - October, 1913
Blue and White - October 15, 1928
The Monthly Kimberliner - January, 1950

From what I saw, there wasn't much local news, although there were advertisers from downtown Knoxville in a few of the issues.

From archive.org I found the Periodicals of the Disciples of Christ and Related Religious Groups which list several of the publications that I've shown above.

I don't yet know the extent of the holdings of Johnson University.  As with many interests, this requires more research.

I'd like to thank Denny Eaton and the staff of the Glass Memorial Library for permission to share these images.